Reise. Sample's 감사인사 from E. Africa의 Togo 선교지

by 관리자 posted Feb 01, 2013


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Dear Father, the Organizers, and the Extraordinary Congregation of St. Andrew Kim Korean Catholic Church,


Thank you very much for the incredible fundraiser held at your church

for my village's health and nutrition center. 

Your contribution was enough to not only finish the construction,

but also to fund a training for community members in charge of the center's management

and buy medicines, medical supplies and furniture to stock the center.

In helping us complete this project, you have helped us reduce

maternal and child mortality, hunger, and malnutrition in the village.

But, equally importantly, your contribution as a community shows the village

that people all over the workd are united with them in their effort to improve

human health and well-being, and that, united like this,

we truly form the Body of Christ and do His work together.

Thank you again and as we say in Togo, "Dieu Vous benisse" - God bless you all. 




Reise Sample - Peace Corps Volunteer, Togo


Feel free to contact me at:


Reise Sample, PCV

Corps de la Paix

B.P. 3194

Lome, Togo, West Africa