 Camp Kilimanjaro for Boys 10-15살

by 관리자 posted Jul 12, 2013


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*일시: 8/1-8(목-목) 1 주일간

*장소: Everest Academy

5935 Clarkston Road, Clarkston, MI 48348

*비용: $185/1인(Check Payable to "LC Pastoral")

*준비물: Sleeping Bag, Sneakers, Flip flops(shower),

           Pillow, swimming trunks, Soap, Shampoo,

           Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Sunscreen, Towel,

           and a proper clothes for Mass, Sports, Hikes, Outings.

*Dads are invited also as chaperones.

*Activity: Sports, Olympics, Hike to the Michigan dunes,

            Swimming, Spiritural activities, Mass and more...

*신청: Br. Joshua Thompson, LC

        Cell (248) 891-6518 or e-mail to